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“What’s exotic must be exorbitant” – that’s what many people think about paradises like Costa Rica. However, you must validate the truth of the statement before jumping on that bandwagon. In fact, you can experience Costa Rica’s verdant rainforests, rich animal life, stunning beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, museum tours, self-guided hiking, and local events without breaking your bank. Here are three things you can in Costa Rica on a backpacker’s budget:

  1. Explore a Few Local Spots

How about a visit to the La Paz waterfall gardens? Spend as little as $40 to explore this beautiful place with five waterfalls and a wildlife park. If you do not want to spend $40, you are free to see the main waterfall at no cost. The roadside waterfall is quite spectacular and worth a visit.

The Tabacon hot springs in Arenal charges a fee of $94 for each individual for a day pass and lunch. It is actually economical considering its incredible location in the midst of a rainforest near the foot of the Arenal volcano, where you can unwind and rejuvenate. If you are not willing to shell out that amount of money, make the most of your time near the Tabacon River. You can stay as long as you want and spend time with your family or friends without a fee. Carry your own food and beverage, tune into your favorite music, and have fun.

  1. Rent Kayaks, Surf Boards or Snorkel Gear

Lazing on a Costa Rican Beach reading a gripping novel is fine, but you can always spice up your beach holiday by renting surfboards, snorkel gear, or kayaks. You can rent surfboards for just $20 for the entire day. If you love snorkeling, invest in a snorkel set for about $20 that is more cost-effective than renting it for $10 to $20 for a few hours. Check the rates at the local supermarket before you buy.

  1. Take a Refreshing Dip

Head for the La Fortuna waterfall with your swimming gear, and take a dip in the cold water. Take some cool photographs of the scenic views all around you or go for an excursion down the rocky shoreline. You can even hike along the walking trails winding through the verdant rainforests and the green pastures. You may even spot sloths, monkeys, and colorful toucans.

It is easy to fall in love with Costa Rica; what may be hard is not wishing to visit Costa Rica over and over again. A one-time or short visit is not enough to experience Pure Vida in this Caribbean country. If you’d like to own your very own special piece of this paradise, learn more about Arenal Hills at http://www.arenalhills.com.

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