Arenal Hills Wins Best Eco-Friendly Community & Best International Community in Ideal Living's Best of the Best Issue

Posted by Arenal Hills on Jul 7, 2020 4:14:34 PM

Wilmington, NC - ideal-LIVING magazine is pleased to announce its fifth annual “Best of the Best” issue which features the Top 100 Planned Communities. The magazine will be in homes by July 16th. The honorees will also be revealed on at the same time.

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A Testimonial From Arenal Hills Villa Owners

Posted by Arenal Hills on May 7, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Ownership at Arenal Hills has been truly unique. We looked at plenty of other investment opportunities in Costa Rica before choosing Arenal Hills. Some places were larger and some were priced lower, but we ultimately chose Arenal Hills for the location, amenities and most importantly the vision of Gerald Baum and his team.

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Arenal Hills' Resort Partner Will Be Featured On An Upcoming Episode of The Bachelor

Posted by Arenal Hills on Jan 29, 2020 12:28:58 PM
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Club Cabana Construction is Complete

Posted by Arenal Hills on Aug 21, 2019 10:25:10 AM
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A Guide to Tipping in Costa Rica

Posted by shieldwatch on Jun 12, 2017 2:23:04 AM

When visiting a foreign land, it is the smallest details that can be surprisingly confusing. One such thing is tipping. How much should you tip? On what services? Should you tip at all? If you are a first-timer to Costa Rica, you will find the following helpful.

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Posted by shieldwatch on Jun 5, 2017 7:06:22 AM

One of Central America’s most popular tourist destinations, Costa Rica, lures travelers with its chaotic jungles, pristine beaches, and unlimited scope for adventure. Many women flock to the country each year, either alone or in groups, to , but most find that they are ill-equipped for the trip. The tropical climate of the region varies considerably from other countries, and most women do not pack the right things to take along with them. If you require a guide to tell you what items you should have with you in Costa Rica, you’re in luck! Every woman traveling to Costa Rica needs the essentials listed below:



Fancy dresses are wasted in Costa Rica. Instead, carry a couple of sundresses for dinners and low-key affairs. You can also wear the dress to cover up your swimsuit after a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Yoga Pants

Strenuous outdoor activities like repelling aren’t just difficult; they can be downright embarrassing if you’re wearing athletic shorts. Spare yourself the hassle by switching to a comfy pair of yoga pants. The best part is, they double up as pajama bottoms.


Denimis usually a versatile clothing item, but due to the high degree of humidity in Costa Rica, jeans can feel uncomfortable after a while. You should pack a couple of shorts instead that are meant for such outdoor activities as zip-lining and hiking.


Due to unpredictable rains in Costa Rica, it makes sense to pack a raincoat for your trip. You can also avoid getting wet by carrying a cheap, disposable poncho.


Water Shoes

Outdoor adventures become a lot more comfortable when you’re wearing water shoes. Such footwear serves multiple purposes. The shoes keep your feet covered during activities like white water rafting and are comfortable enough to wear while hiking through the forest.


Wide-brim Hat

A hat is indispensable if you wish to shield your face and eyes from the sun and other natural elements in Costa Rica. You can also use a hat to keep your head dry during the rains.


Make sure you reapply sunscreen frequently while on the beach. Otherwise, you might develop nasty sunburns.

Women tourists will find loads of amazing sights and sounds in Costa Rica. But how well they enjoy these experiences will depend a lot on their preparedness for the trip. It’s important to carry all the items mentioned above so you can easily adjust to the local culture and climate. Do you have any more questions about your trip to Costa Rica or wish to buy a vacation home in this breathtaking country? If yes, get in touch with us at 1-844-MY-HILLS.

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Posted by shieldwatch on May 29, 2017 9:03:45 AM

Being cooped up in a plane for too long is an uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, there are times when you have no other choice. For example, if you’re on a flight to Costa Rica to look at some vacation properties or to holiday in the country, it’ll take you more than four hours from the Eastern US, more if you’re from Canada. We know that four hours could look like a l-o-n-g time if you feel uneasy. However, it’s possible to transform your in-flight experience into a more positive one by following the tips given below:

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Posted by shieldwatch on May 22, 2017 2:53:33 AM

A trip to a new country is never complete unless you delve deep into its culture through its cuisine. After all, the food habits of a nation say much about it. Costa Rica’s high-fiber, well-rounded meals, for instance, more than explain the amazingly high happiness quotient of the country.

Costa Rica as a nation is not a big admirer of red meat, sugary drinks, junk foods, processed food, and fatty dairy products like cheese. They would rather gorge on their Casado meals consisting of rice (gallo pinto) and beans, roasted pork, chicken and seafood, fried plantains, or a carrot, tomato, and cabbage salad. Their daily diets consist of fresh food items that contain very little to no preservatives and additives. This Central American country may not occupy a pride of place in the world gourmet map, but it does boast of a few traditional dishes worth trying.


A complete meal, Casado or Comida Tipica consists of beans, rice, red bell peppers, and onions. You can choose between pork and chicken as meat staple to go with. Don’t expect the meat to be fried; it is either grilled or sautéed. You will have to satiate your craving for fries with fried plantains. Every eatery in the country will serve you Casado, no matter what time of the day it is. You can have it either for lunch or dinner.


Before you cancel your plan of tasting ceviche because it is made of raw fish, think twice. Made with local tilapia or corvina (white sea bass), camarones (shrimp), or mixto (mixed seafood) tenderized with citrus juices and seasoned with finely chopped cilantro, garlic, hot and sweet pepper, onion, and celery, this appetizer is perfect as a hearty snack item for your beach day out.


The Costa Rican versions of tamales contain a corn-based filling (masa) made with small pieces of vegetables and meat. Folded in a banana leaf, the filling is steamed in boiling water.


It is a sweet and slimy dish prepared by adding water to a few tablespoons of chan seed which has a lavender-like aroma. It has a calming effect on your body and mind. Farmer's markets are the best place to find an authentic version of the drink.


What is a meal without a sweet and sinful roundup? Common Costa Rican desserts range from simple Orange Pound Cake (quequeseco) and rice pudding (arrozcon leche) to a more elaborate Sweet White Spaghetti Squash (Miel de Chiverre) and multilayered cake filled with dulce de leche (tortachilena). Some of the other yummy desserts include cold caramel custard (flan) and corn starch pudding (mazamorra).

To experience the real Costa Rica, take a gastronomic journey through the country’s famous eateries. Better yet, live the experience whenever you want by purchasing a luxury, single-family style villa at Arenal Hills.  Call us today to learn more, 1-844-MY-HILLS.

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Posted by shieldwatch on May 15, 2017 4:12:36 AM

Wealth has nothing to do with happiness, which explains why a developing country like Costa Rica has grabbed the top spot in the Happy Planet Index (HPI) rankings, not only once but many times with a substantial lead. The HPI, which ranks 140 nations according to "what matters most – sustainable well-being for all" using such parameters as life expectancy, well-being, inequality, and ecological footprint, doesn’t consider the standard success criterion like GDP. No wonder, some of the wealthiest nations like the USA, the UK, and even Switzerland fare poorly in the HPI list. This leaves us wondering, what is it that makes Costa Rica the happiest nation on the planet? Does it have something to do with its ravishing beauty? Is it their love for the environment? Does the culture and food hold the secret? Let's find out; this could be a revelation for you.

No Army

Instead of spending zillions on feeding an extra-large army and buying military equipment, Costa Rica invests itsmoney on what matters – health and education of its people. Health and knowledge breed happy people – it is easy to see the connection.

Love for the Environment

Costa Rica is one of a few countries that strives to become carbon neutral by 2021. Unlike many other tourist destinations in the world that willingly lose their lands and ecological balance to the aggressive property developers and hoteliers, Costa Rica focuses on converting forests into park lands and nature preserve. The pride of having a green, well-kept country translates into happiness.

Philosophy of Letting Go

Costa Rican traditions forbid their people from holding grudges against another person for more than three days. Now, isn’t that wonderful? How can you remain sad or unhappy when you have no complaint against anything or anybody?

Healthy Eating Habits

Costa Rica has no soda, junk, or additives in the form of refined sugar and sodium; only a diet comprising fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich rice and beans. The result? A regiment of healthy people that are strong from within and to whom the concept of food-induced mood swings is completely unknown. It is this healthy eating habit that gives Costa Ricans a high life expectancy of 78.5 years on average.

Slow Pace, Low Stress

By Costa Rican standards, rushing is synonymous with rudeness. A slow-paced lifestyle, on the other hand, allows them to relax, look around, and appreciate the nice things around them.

Living to Please Others

When you are surrounded by people who are eager to please you and are careful not to hurt other’s sentiments even unknowingly, what can you expect other than complete bliss?

Wouldn’t you like to visit this paradise called Costa Rica at least once in your lifetime? The happiness here is contagious. We won’t be surprised if you never wish to leave the place and if you decide to make Costa Rica your second home, contact us. Our luxurious single-family villas will make every bit of your Costa Rica experience even more memorable. Call Arenal Hills at 1-844-MY-HILLS today.

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Posted by shieldwatch on May 8, 2017 8:08:06 AM

Horseback riding to the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfall is one of the most sought-after recreational activities in Costa Rica. Horseback riding around this region will leave you mesmerized when you see how the majestic Arenal Volcano paints an impressive picture on the Costa Rican landscape. Though the volcano is sometimes shrouded behind a cloud forest, the view is truly awe-inspiring. While you meander through the lush green forests on horseback, you may see a thin mist hanging softly over the treetops and hear toucans calling in the distance.

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