A Guide to Tipping in Costa Rica

Posted by shieldwatch on Jun 12, 2017 2:23:04 AM

When visiting a foreign land, it is the smallest details that can be surprisingly confusing. One such thing is tipping. How much should you tip? On what services? Should you tip at all? If you are a first-timer to Costa Rica, you will find the following helpful.

Tipping in Restaurants

Every time you eat out in Costa Rica, a 10 percent gratuity is automatically added to your bill. This leaves tipping entirely up to you. In other words, tipping is not a necessity in restaurants here, however, if you think you can be a little generous to the waiter that is most welcome.

Tipping in Hotels

Tipping etiquette can change depending on the type of accommodation you are staying in. If you are putting up at a high-end resort, offer a tip of around $1 per bag to the bellhop and around $2 per day to the housekeeper throughout your stay. However, if you are planning to offer a higher tip to the housekeeping staff, we recommend to do so on the very dayof your arrival. That extra bit might guarantee you better service. When at the bar, consider offering a tip of $1 per drink to the bartender.

Tipping for Transportation

Tipping drivers and other people who help you around can be a bit complicated. If you are taking a cab for a short distance, the general norm is to roundup the fare to the nearest dollar. For longer cab rides, a tip between $1 and $5 should be fine.

Tipping Tour Guide

When it comes to tipping tour guides, be it a local guide or a private guide, a tip between $10 and $20 is polite, depending on the number of people in your group.

The figures mentioned are rough estimates. Listen to your heart and do not hesitate to tip a higher amount if you feel the service quality exceeds expectations. Enjoy your stay in Costa Rica. If you decide to make your stays longer and more frequent, consider buying a vacation home. Call us at 1-844-MY-HILLS for details about our luxury villas for sale at Arenal Hills.

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