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Here at Arenal Hills, we are fortunate to be at the epicenter of one of the most bird-rich ecosystems on earth. Costa Rica is home to 600 species year round and more than 200 that migrate from temperate zones.  That’s an amazing variety when compared to the 700 species that can be found in all of North America. Here is a list of the best birdwatching attractions to inspire you:

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of taking your children on a vacation of a lifetime? Disney perhaps? What if we told you there are other exciting destinations that are not far away from the States, not overcrowded like most of the tourist spots and not too expensive either. Think out of the box; think Costa Rica. While the memories of Costa Rica’s breathtaking beauty are going to be with you for the rest of your life, just calling it beautiful would be such an understatement! It’s a different world altogether that promises never-ending possibilities to explore for your entire family. The list is long, which makes choosing quite difficult. However, we have done the harder bit for you and :

  1. Playa Ostional

Playa Ostional is famous for arribada, meaning ‘arrival’ in Spanish. It refers to the massive gathering of egg-laying turtles. Every month around the last quarter moon, hundreds of turtles swim up to the beach, lay their eggs, and return to the sea— a scene that will leave you and your family awestruck.

  1. Monteverde

Monteverde is home to a number of cloud forest reserves, zip-line tours, hanging bridges, and family-friendly accommodations. Kids will love the Selvatura Park which includes a canopy tour, a butterfly garden, as well as the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park

Although the smallest national park in Costa Rica, it is home to a profusion of wildlife. The park includes jungle habitats where you can spot sloths and monkeys.

  1. Cloudbridge Reserve

If your family likes hiking, this is one destination you can’t miss. Suitable for hikers of all ages, the journey offers twisting cloud forest, tropical birds, magnificent mountains, and scenic waterfalls.

  1. Tortuga Island

This small island offers white-sand beaches and vibrant coral communities off the shore. It is most popular for scuba diving and snorkeling, which may give you a glimpse of sharks, spinner dolphins, stingrays, and octopi.

with your family is inspiring on so many levels. From volcanoes and hot springs to national parks and biological reserves, as well as beaches on both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, the country has a lot to offer. A single visit is just not enough. So why not own a vacation home in this beautiful Caribbean country? If you want to invest in one of the best luxury villas at the most affordable price, contact us today.

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Topics: Ecotourism in Costa Rica