Club Cabana Construction is Complete

Posted by Arenal Hills on Aug 21, 2019 10:25:10 AM

Arenal Hills Celebrated The Construction Of Its Club Cabana Entertainment Center With A Concert By Grammy Award-Winning Editus.

Arenal Hills home owners and investors were invited to enjoy a beautiful concert by the award-winning Costa Rican musical group Editus and we wanted to share a bit of that moving experience with you as well.

The concert took place in Club Cabana, the newly constructed community entertainment center located inside Arenal Hills, right next to the pickleball court. Club Cabana is available for Arenal Hills villa owners to use for community events and large gatherings; and like the rest of Arenal Hills is designed to be eco-friendly while still providing modern amenities and conveniences like reliable fiber optic internet, and in Club Cabana's case high quality concert lighting and state of the art A/V equipment.


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