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One of Central America’s most popular tourist destinations, Costa Rica, lures travelers with its chaotic jungles, pristine beaches, and unlimited scope for adventure. Many women flock to the country each year, either alone or in groups, to , but most find that they are ill-equipped for the trip. The tropical climate of the region varies considerably from other countries, and most women do not pack the right things to take along with them. If you require a guide to tell you what items you should have with you in Costa Rica, you’re in luck! Every woman traveling to Costa Rica needs the essentials listed below:



Fancy dresses are wasted in Costa Rica. Instead, carry a couple of sundresses for dinners and low-key affairs. You can also wear the dress to cover up your swimsuit after a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Yoga Pants

Strenuous outdoor activities like repelling aren’t just difficult; they can be downright embarrassing if you’re wearing athletic shorts. Spare yourself the hassle by switching to a comfy pair of yoga pants. The best part is, they double up as pajama bottoms.


Denimis usually a versatile clothing item, but due to the high degree of humidity in Costa Rica, jeans can feel uncomfortable after a while. You should pack a couple of shorts instead that are meant for such outdoor activities as zip-lining and hiking.


Due to unpredictable rains in Costa Rica, it makes sense to pack a raincoat for your trip. You can also avoid getting wet by carrying a cheap, disposable poncho.


Water Shoes

Outdoor adventures become a lot more comfortable when you’re wearing water shoes. Such footwear serves multiple purposes. The shoes keep your feet covered during activities like white water rafting and are comfortable enough to wear while hiking through the forest.


Wide-brim Hat

A hat is indispensable if you wish to shield your face and eyes from the sun and other natural elements in Costa Rica. You can also use a hat to keep your head dry during the rains.


Make sure you reapply sunscreen frequently while on the beach. Otherwise, you might develop nasty sunburns.

Women tourists will find loads of amazing sights and sounds in Costa Rica. But how well they enjoy these experiences will depend a lot on their preparedness for the trip. It’s important to carry all the items mentioned above so you can easily adjust to the local culture and climate. Do you have any more questions about your trip to Costa Rica or wish to buy a vacation home in this breathtaking country? If yes, get in touch with us at 1-844-MY-HILLS.

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