A Testimonial From Arenal Hills Villa Owners

Posted by Arenal Hills on May 7, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Ownership at Arenal Hills has been truly unique. We looked at plenty of other investment opportunities in Costa Rica before choosing Arenal Hills. Some places were larger and some were priced lower, but we ultimately chose Arenal Hills for the location, amenities and most importantly the vision of Gerald Baum and his team.

It was clear from the beginning that Mr. Baum and his team see more than just beautiful homes in a beautiful place. Their attention to detail and constant focus on high quality and outstanding service have convinced us they’re dedicated to creating something truly unique and long-lasting.

We first noticed a difference working with the Arenal Hills team during the building process. We had read and heard nightmare stories about other expats trying to build in Costa Rica, and frankly we were pretty sure we’d have a few battles to fight along the way. However, what we experienced was a smooth, transparent process with clear communication and regular progress updates. Honestly, our involvement during construction was quite minimal and it was remarkable how they delivered a villa above and beyond our expectations! Looking back, it’s hard to quantify the incredible value in peace-of-mind we received by working with the Arenal Hills team instead of being left on our own to find trustworthy architects, engineers, carpenters, masons and other professional tradesmen.

When it was time to take ownership of our villa, the Arenal Hills team connected us to highly competent attorneys and insurance agents to facilitate our closing process. Once again, we felt comfortable and protected in a process that could have otherwise been an easy opportunity for someone to take advantage of us.

Since becoming owners, we’ve been blown away by the level of care and service the Arenal Hills team continues to provide for our home. None of the things that would normally be stressful about owning a property several thousand miles away – in another country – even enter our minds. We never worry about maintenance, security or even if the plants are getting enough water. The Arenal Hills team cares for our villa as if it were their own (we know because we check the security cameras and see them taking care of the villa several times a week!).

We feel like we’ve found an incredibly rare mix of real property ownership and five-star service and amenities at Arenal Hills. Each time we arrive at our villa, we’re welcomed by a perfectly cooled home, clean and fresh sheets and towels, fresh cut flower arrangements and a sparkling pool. When we leave, we’re confident everything will be cleaned, secured and cared for until our next visit. Honestly, it’s so unique it’s difficult to adequately describe.

We’re very happy with our Arenal Hills investment and we look forward to being a part of this exciting vision as it comes to life!

Shane & Misty Clark
Arenal Hills – Villa 100 Owners

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