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For vacationers in search of thrill and excitement, the Arenal region in Costa Rica offers recreational activities like zip lining, bungee jumping, rafting, and more. With varied topography from verdant rainforests, spectacular volcanoes, natural caves, and gushing waterfalls, this central American country has a wide variety of exciting activities. Here are three of the most thrilling activities for you in Arenal, Costa Rica:

  1. Underground Cave Touring

Would you love to explore some deep underground caves in Costa Rica? You will find many such caverns in the Arenal region, offering you a glimpse into a magical underground world full of stalagmites and stalactites, waterfalls, rivers, unusual subterranean creatures, and fossils. Take a guided tour to see underground limestone rock formations, fish, crickets, and varied marine fossils. Make sure you wear proper rubber boots, a headlamp, and other gear for a safe cave-viewing experience. Wear light clothes that dry quickly as you may get a little drenched because of the river and waterfall. The caves are normally smaller, but you must go for it for a memory that you will treasure forever.

  1. Bungee Jumping

Would you love the experience of jumping from a height of 40 meters with your body attached to a bungee cord? If you are young at heart, an adventure seeker, and know how to triumph over fear, or would want to experience how it feels when your heart races with every bounce, then you will probably love this experience. Unique to the Arenal region, bungee jumping here gives you an opportunity to dive right into the crystal-clear water for ending a free fall in the majestic view of the imposing Arenal volcano, rainforest, and waterfall. All you see is lush greenery around. You feel free, buoyant, and careless. Fair warning— this activity is not for those with a weak heart. You should know what you are doing to prevent anything from going wrong.

  1. Night Time Hiking

How about heading for the deep rainforests of Arenal looking for some nocturnal creatures? With a flashlight to show you the way and an experienced guide to help you spot wildlife, get a peep of hanging bats, lazy sloths, and brightly colored dart frogs as you walk slowly underneath the deep jungle canopy. Meandering through the thick Costa Rican forest at night is a wonderful experience. Watching sloths hanging from tree branches, hearing loud calls of nocturnal birds asserting their presence, or witnessing bats preying on insects isn’t something you experience every day. With the end of your nocturnal hike, savor a delicious outdoor dinner while listening to the strange sounds of the deep rainforest.

The Arenal region in Costa Rica has lots to offer when it comes to recreational activities. If you want to learn more about all that you can do around Arenal Hills, contact us now. 1-844-My-Hills.

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