5 Must-See Destinations for Your First Visit to Costa Rica

Posted by Arenal Hills on May 8, 2015 1:57:52 PM

With so much to see and do in Costa Rica, many people find themselves overwhelmed with options upon touching down at the airport for the first time. Fortunately, we’ve spent enough time here to familiarize ourselves with some of the most well-loved vacation destinations in this lovely little Caribbean country. In this entry, we’ll look at a few of our favorites.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Located just a stone’s throw from Areanl Hills, La Paz is a popular attraction which features an animal sanctuary populated by animals rescued by the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment. Guests can follow a jungle boardwalk to 5 waterfalls and an aviary to see some of Costa Rica’s most colorful bird species.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Unwind in some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and well-known hot springs. Another destination located just around the corner from Arenal Hills.

Costa Rica Sky Adventures

Sky Adventures has three locations, each with a wide variety of fun activities for the whole family. Zip line, kayak, bike, or explore some of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking landscapes on foot.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The gauzy fog that hangs over the unsullied forests of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is like something out of a dream. A favorite destination of ecotourists from all over the world, this reserve offers visitors a chance to gaze on stunning views of the pristinely preserved forest of Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Alright, so we might be a little biased, but we can’t help but marvel at how lucky we are to have this spectacular sight right in our back yard. The park is home to two volcanos, Chato and Arenal, as well as a lively assortment of wildlife native to Costa Rica. At the summit of Chato Volcano, visitors can take in the emerald green waters of a lagoon in the volcano’s collapsed crater.

This might be your first visit to Costa Rica, but it’s not likely to be your last! Give us a call today to learn more about all there is to see around Arenal Hills.



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