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Do you enjoy relaxing in a hot bath after a long day at work? What if this bath had therapeutic qualities, making you feel better every time you took a dip? Now, imagine that this bath is surrounded by a tropical forest canopy, waterfalls, and a wide array of exotic birds and animals. This is what you’ll find when visiting .

Costa Rica is home to five active volcanoes that make hot springs a popular attraction. Although thermal water pools exist in various areas throughout the country, the majority and the most popular ones are located in the La Fortuna or Arenal region, thanks to the Arenal Volcano situated nearby. What could possibly be better than soaking in natural thermal waters heated to therapeutic temperatures by a volcano? Here is a list of some of the most popular hot springs that you must visit during your next trip to Costa Rica:

  1. Tabacon Grand Thermal Spa

It is one of the first hot springs resorts in the Arenal region that is situated in a rainforest near the Arenal Volcano. There are two natural rivers divided into a number of bathing areas. Here you can also find secret bars, private spaces, a water slide, and a swim-up bar offering delicious cocktails.

  1. Arenal Springs

One of the best in Costa Rica, this spa resort offers you a five-star experience. This resort’s hot springs are absolutely natural because they reach the pool from the underground sources of Arenal Volcano. The water is naturally heated and is rich in mineral salts.

  1. Baldi Hot Springs

There are more than 25 thermal mineral hot water pools in this resort that originate from the base of the Arenal Volcano. The size, shape, and temperature of water in each pool vary. On clear days, the pools provide anice view of the volcano.

  1. The Springs

The Springs Resort has hot springs in abundance, some of which offer water slides and swim-up bars. Being a combination of wildlife preserve and hot springs, this resort is a great option for a family getaway.

  1. Eco Termales Hot Springs

Unlike , Eco Termales is a small facility that focuses on its pools and offers an intimate hot springs experience. It is the only hot spring in La Fortuna where water springs up naturally on the site.

This list is just a fraction of the numerous hot springs that you can find across the country. So, why not own a vacation home in this beautiful country and explore more at your leisure? You can contact us at Arenal Hills to get one of the best single-family style luxury villas in a gated, master-planned community.

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