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If you find the idea of flying through the air captivating, ziplining is for you. The bird's eye view of the gorgeous rainforest, along with its diverse wildlife, will surely take your breath away. Remember these five tips to make the most of this amazing adventure:

Choose Your Canopy Tour Wisely

Costa Rica has some truly amazing ziplining canopy tours. All of them offer incredible views of Costa Rica’s majestic tropical landscape. While some tours will let you catch a glimpse of the country’s stunning topography complete with rolling hills, verdant valleys, and lush rainforests, some will let you discover the sight of the majestic Arenal Volcano. The question is, what type of view and experience do you want? Research your options before booking your trip.

Dress Comfortably

Choose clothing that will let you move your arms and legs freely. Avoid wearing anything that is too snug or too loose. Wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.

Tie Your Hair

Billowing hair will unnecessarily obstruct your view. If you have long hair or fringes, tie them up neatly. Even if you have short hair, use a hair band to keep things tidy.

Things to Remember

Before starting, apply insect repellant generously on the exposed parts of your body. Don’t forget the camera at any cost; you have to capture the flora and fauna on the go. Use glasses? Then secure them with straps. The same applies for your shades. Use sunscreen lotion to prevent sunburns. Last but not least, carry a pair of binoculars to get a better view of the wildlife you might see on the way.

Follow Your Guide

Tour guides are trained to keep you safe. Your safety is their first priority. So, always follow your guide’s instructions and you will be fine.

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