Investing in Costa Rican Real Estate

Posted by Arenal Hills on Jul 2, 2015 9:56:58 AM

Costa Rica, one of the world’s most economically and politically stable countries, is rich in culture and natural resources. With its current calm political climate, real estate experts and researchers consider Costa Rica to be a safe bet for investors.

Experienced real estate investors know that timing is of paramount importance. New investors are always encouraged to stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks when it comes to purchasing property around the globe. If a potential investor does not keep his or her eyes closely on the scene, they can miss out on a prosperous opportunity. Costa Rica is at the top of the list when it comes to hot investment properties today.

And here’s why…

Beautiful Landscape

There is no denying Costa Rica’s amazingly beautiful landscape and tropical climate, which makes it a paradise vacation spot. Not only is this scenic Latin American country gaining even more popularity with vacationers, but Costa Rica is also teeming with expats from the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Retirees and those who simply desire a more natural and less hectic way of living are drawn to the landscape and culture of Costa Rica living.

Stable Financial and Real Estate Climates

Tourism is at an all-time high in Costa Rica and the country’s exports remain strong. Costa Rica is one of Latin America’s most successful countries when it comes to high levels of foreign direct investment per capita. Real estate investment returns have been steady, at approximately 15-20%, from 2000 through 2008, and though the global recession has affected Costa Rica, in recent years the country has recovered and is on an upward swing. As a matter of fact, the aftermath of the global economic crisis has caused real estate prices in Costa Rica to dip to a more reasonable and fair market price.

Where to Invest: Costa Rica’s Hot Spots

Every area has its hot spots that investors should know about, and Costa Rica’s are the northern Pacific coast, and the country’s Southern zone which can be reached via the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, located near the increasingly popular Guanacaste Gold Coast. For those seeking to invest in areas blooming with progress, the Southern zone is becoming known as the hot spot for advances in infrastructure, new highways, and a new airport.

For investors seeking to buy property to use as vacation rentals or even long-term living properties, it is difficult to go wrong in Costa Rica in general. The country attracts those who are escaping the world’s biggest cities for a life that is more in-tune with nature. Costa Rica also attracts those with environmental passions and a desire to leave the planet with a smaller carbon footprint than the ones created by modern city dwellers.

Besides Costa Rica’s overall popularity due to its breathtaking scenery, tropical climates, and rainforests, the country is continually growing and expanding its reach through exports across the globe.

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