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When you head to a foreign country, you should never pass up on the opportunity to experience the land like a local. Taking public transportation is the easiest way to shed off the ‘tourist’ tag and see the place just like its people do. You become one with the culture and atmosphere of the place and discover a whole new dimension through your co-passengers, which would otherwise be impossible when traveling in a personal car. As per a survey conducted by the Moovit app creators, 93 percent of their users preferred using public transportation when on vacation. If you fall within that bracket, here is a bit of info that could be helpful on your next trip to Costa Rica.


You will find local buses that connect the urban areas with the suburban ones in all the major cities of Costa Rica such as San Jose, La Fortuna and Monteverde. The local buses pick up passengers from main thoroughfares. Interestingly, even a few years ago, these buses were regular school buses imported from the U.S. As Costa Rica became a hot tourist destination, the buses were upgraded to include coaches.


You will find taxis, which calculate miles in meters,in cities like San Jose. It is illegal for drivers not to use the meters. Outside the city, however, you will mostly find taxis without meters, and you must decide upon the fares in advance. Get ready to bargain. A few towns have provisions for cab-sharing. The driver usually charges a flat fee to take the passengers from one part of the town to another.


Hitchhiking is always fun, but make sure you do so when traveling in pairs. Hitchhiking is common in rural parts of Costa Rica.

Local transportation is easily available in Costa Rica and is a great way to soak up the local culture and heritage, and experience the flavor of the country up-close and personal. Have more questions about the country or want to own a vacation villa home in this paradise? Give us a call at Arenal Hills at 1-844-MY-HILLS, and we will help you.

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