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Does paradise on Earth exist? It surely does! And if you happen to be a see-it-to-believe-it type of person, you have to visit Costa Rica at least once in your lifetime. Chase the volcanic trails, go zip lining in the dense forest, or just relax on the beach sipping on an exotic cocktail. Ah, that’s life!  There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that you won’t love about the land of Pura Vida, but you will have to come prepared. Here is a list of the items you must pack to make the most of your tryst with this breathtaking destination:

Clothing and Footwear

Let your lacy LBDs and sexy maxis wait in your closet for a while. Instead, give your comfy casuals the honor of accompanying you to exotic Costa Rica. Pack tees, polos, tank tops, shorts, skirts, and skorts as they are functional yet comfy. Choose breathable, quick-drying fabric over the synthetic materials. Do include a few pairs of lightweight hats on your packing list.

For footwear, ditch the dressy shoes and stilettos for a few pairs of flip-flops and sandals. If mountain hiking is on your agenda, do pack a pair of hiking boots or at least a pair of sturdy sneakers.

Personal Care Items

Some everyday items like sunscreens and bug repellents can be very expensive in Costa Rica. Therefore, carry enough so that they last through your vacation. In addition, pack leave-in hair conditioner, face wash, and razor refills – lots of them.


Electronics items are expensive in Costa Rica. That’s why you would want to pack every gadget that you think you might need. Besides cameras, cellphones and your mobile computing devices, pack external hard-drive, and extra data transfer cables, and chargers.


Pack some over-the-counter meds including common cold and sinus medicines, Ibuprofen for muscle pain, Pepto-Bismol tablets for diarrhea, adhesive bandages, and some antibacterial, anti-infection ointment containing neomycin. Also carry your daily vitamin doses and other medicines, if you take any.


  • Take some reusable shopping bags (because you will have a truckload of souvenirs to take back home).

  • Carry umbrellas, rain jackets, and ponchos to keep you dry in the rain and also during your visit to some of the countless waterfalls in the country.

  • Invest in a hydration pack to allow for hands-free drinking on your long-distance hikes or camping adventures.

  • Although good hotels provide clean towels, it is always better to carry your personal travel towels.

  • Don’t forget to carry digitized copies of all important documents.

  • Pack an electric tennis racket to keep those pesky Costa Rican bugs at bay. You may or may not need it if you are planning to visit the mountain sides, but you cannot do without it if your itinerary includes the beach and the rainforest.

Oh, and last but not least! There is something else that you must bring with you – your appetite for adventure and your sense of humor. You need both to optimize your experience in this beautiful paradise. In case you want to make Costa Rica your second home, get in touch with us at 1-844-My-Hills.

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