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Costa Rica is a breathtaking country that has a little something for everyone. From thrilling jungle hikes to adventure sports, awe-inspiring scenery to diverse wildlife, you can’t go wrong if you decide to buy a vacation home in Costa Rica. The question is – which location do you choose? If you wish to experience a bit of everything the country has to offer, Arenal Hills is your best bet. Arenal Hills is located near the city of La Fortuna in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica.  The area’s most prominent features are Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano, which can be seen from Arenal Hills.

Wonderful Weather

Daytime temperatures are quite comfortable, averaging in the upper 80s during the day, and dropping down to cool nights that average in the low 70s. Most of the time, the best air conditioning of all comes from opening the windows and doors to bring in the fresh air. Since this area is located in the tropics, heavy rainfall is common, especially during the rainy season (May through November). However, the water nourishes the local vegetation and makes the different shades of green in the trees and plants pop.

Diverse Landscape

Arenal Lake forms the centerpiece of this region. Green hills dotted with homes slope down to the water. The entire land is a potpourri of village, forest, and field. This rural region has plenty of open, green spaces and wild areas, including a national park surrounding the volcano. The pristine quality of the lake and the amazing views are the reasons why a lot of people are drawn to this area.

Unspoiled Vistas, Modern Convenience

Nature isn’t the only form of entertainment available in the region. If you want modern amenities, you can look forward to high-speed Internet and cable TV.  Plus, all utility conduits are underground, so you’ll always have a clear, unspoiled view of the Arenal Volcano and the surrounding countryside.

Arenal Hills promises all the thrill, excitement and magic of Costa Rica. If you buy a vacation home here, you won’t regret it. To learn more, get in touch with us today by calling 1-844-My-Hills.

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